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Igniting Confidence

In Young Adults

Want to bring Confidence, Self Acceptance, Awareness and Happiness into your school?
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We Focus On...
Shifting our Mindset
Self awareness & Self Acceptance
Developing Nurturing habits

Randi Schmidt

This program, and Eden, have helped me obtain the tools I need to become my best self. While this program did not "fix" me, it has allowed me to learn awareness of my own feelings and thoughts, and taught me coping mechanisms to change negative situations into extremely positive ones. I could not be more grateful for this program and the improvement I can see and feel already in my life and myself. Thank you, Eden. For everything.

Rhonda Liebig

Founder of the "Fresh Inspiration Show" and event planner

When Eden speaks, she motivates and really brings in basic tools that are easy to understand and apply. As a person who books speakers, I really respect Eden, and I'm recommending her as a person that really knows how to show up with what she says, and what she does.

Laura Adolf

Eden is such an amazing, loving person. She finds the right way to make you feel comfortable while keeping you on track with your journey. I couldn't pick a better person to help me thrive through my issues!

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